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Medycyna estetyczna

i chirurgia plastyczna okolic oczu

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Modern eye surgery

Aesthetic medicine

and plastic surgery eye area

Modern eye surgery

Advanced laser technology


Patient preparation - Laser Vision Correction
  • - One should start using Tobrexan antibiotic eye drops 3 day before the procedure
  • - One should start taking vitamin C a week before the procedure
  • - The procedure cannot be carried out if a patient is ill, suffers from herpes simplex or during menstruation
  • - Do not use any fragrant cosmetics such as deodorants, perfume or creams 24 hours before the procedure
  • - Take sunglasses with a UV filter to the procedure with you and wear comfortable clothes
  • - Do not drink any alcohol, coffee or other drinks containing caffeine on the day of the procedure. Do not put on any make up.
  • - Wash your hair, face and eye thoroughly