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Modern eye surgery

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Eligibility eye exam - Laser Vision Correction
A patient comes to the Clinic on a scheduled day, after breakfast.
Expected examination time: 3-4 hours.
Examination cost: PLN 150.00 – incomplete eligibility, PLN 250.00 complete eligibility with a full set of examinations.
At the end of the examination a doctor applies pupil dilating eye drops. Consequently, one should not come to the examination by car (as a driver). An ophthalmologist discusses procedure-related details with the patient and informs them about the possible date of surgery.

One should stop wearing contact lenses before an eligibility appointment:
  • - soft lenses - 2 weeks before an eligibility appointment,
  • - toric lenses -  3 weeks before an eligibility appointment,
  • - rigid lenses - 4 weeks before an eligibility appointment.