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Medycyna estetyczna

i chirurgia plastyczna okolic oczu

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Modern eye surgery

Aesthetic medicine

and plastic surgery eye area

Modern eye surgery

Advanced laser technology


Patient preparation - Cataract
In order to provide full comfort and safety for the patient, an anaesthesiologist monitors the patient’s general health state throughout the entire procedure.

What to do before the procedure:
  • - patients do not have to come to the clinic on an empty stomach, but it is better not to eat a few hours before coming to the Clinic,
  • - patients suffering from diabetes should maintain the regular rhythm of meals and insulin therapy
  • - patients should not change the dosage of medicine taken on a daily basis before the procedure
  • - 2 days before the procedure patients should start applying the following eye drops:
  • - antibiotic eye drops (for example: Oftaquix) – four times a day
  • - on the day of the procedure wear comfortable clothes, take your pyjamas or a nightgown, slippers and a small towel with you; it is advisable to come with an accompanying person, the expected length of stay at the Clinic: up to 4 hours