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Eligibility eye exam - Cataract
A patient should submit:
  • - his/her ID
  • - a list of medications taken on a daily basis
  • - hospital discharge documents pertaining to a patient’s health state
  • - a set of examination results performed before cataract eligibility exams:
    • blood cell count
    • HBS
    • HCV
    • APTT
    • PT
    • ECG

A patient comes to the Clinic at 7:30 am, after breakfast. Expected examination time: 3-4 hours. Examination cost: PLN 200.00. If the procedure is covered by the National Health Fund the above examinations are free of charge. The eligibility examination comprises a consultation with an anaesthesiologist and comprehensive ophthalmological examinations required for the procedure. The patient is informed how he/she should prepare himself/herself for the procedure.